Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I know, We are slackers....


Since September, We have bought Kat a beautiful 2008 Mazda 3 (and got rid of the Jeep and Motorcycle!), We both have chronic Bronchitis, Kat is hoping to get hired on at a hospital, and we have MANY hard decisions to make within the next few short months...

To begin, We decided that after much tribulation with fixing the Jeep, that it was best to trade her and the motorcycle in for a car for Kat. She got her dream car (that she can afford...) a 2008 Mazda 3, and when we bought her, she had 22000 miles... now she needs an oil change due to the 4000 or so miles we have tacked on since the selling date of July 31. :) Needless to say Kat is very happy to have an automatic car that is safe to drive.

We both have Chronic Bronchitis... I don't think we can explain that down further. When one spouse gets it, the other will within a week. We keep giving it to each other. Such is married life, it only gets worse with kids....

Kat loves her job at AAP Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, but she really wants to work with kids and not come home after a hard day of old people (no offense older than us people...) taking their frustrations with medicare/ replacement plans out on her. She had applied to Banner hospitals and also to Phoenix Children;s Hospital. With luck, we will hear back by months end... with luck.

and now onto what everyone will really read this post for... the Hard Decisions...

Decision 1) As many people know, Bret is basically fluent (though he denies it... right..) in Japanese. He applied for a program called JET (Japanese-English Teaching) where, if accepted, we will live in Japan for a minimum of a year teaching English in Japanese elementary or high schools. Kat will be trying to figure out Japanese period, and will not be working (more than likely I'll be a true Japanese housewife.... scary...). This year or so (up to 3 years) is all TAX FREE money that we would earn from the Japanese government. People all say 'go for it!' but think about it... Away for a solid year, not being able to see us except through pictures. It wont be a happy scene if it goes through for our families.... We find out if we were accepted in about January or so.

Decision 2) BofA (bank of America) whom Bret works for may or may not transfer him to the Tokyo Japan location since again, fluency in Japanese.. We don't know how long, or when this could happen, just that there is a chance...... You see our joy in waiting.. o.o

Decision 3) Law School for Bret... which means he can't work for his first year of classes, so Kat will have to be bread winner..... currently she is a part time employee receiving no benefits... you see the down fall unless Kat gets a better job... ya, with her constant medical issues, she will be up poo creek with no paddle or chance of ever getting a paddle... Yep... It also mean more stress upon Bret with his ever already stressed life.

Thats our hard choices thus far... it will be interesting...
And to everyone who keeps asking, When we actually pregnant, we will let you know, so the daily 'Are you pregnant' jokes/taunts, really getting annoying now... When the Lord says yes it's time, it will be time, not before then, so back off with the pressure. (because it really is pressuring us weather you think it is or not.)

So that's the update thus far. Any questions, you know how to get a hold of us.


  1. Boy guys you really do have some hard decisions to make, don't ya? Whatever you end up deciding, you'll have our support, whether you move to Japan or not.
    (by the way: i've never made comments about a kid coming.)

  2. I /We don't make those comments either. We will be supportive whatever you decided. The whole getting sick cycle, does get worse when you have kids.